Five crore rural homes yet to receive water connections: RTI


As against the Central government’s target of ensuring availability of water connection to every house in country by 2024, information provided under RTI by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India revealed that in four-and-a-half year period from August 15, 2019 onwards, water connections had been provided to 13,91,70,516 rural houses in country as against 3,23,62,838 houses till August 2019. However around five crore houses in the country were yet to receive water connections.

It may be mentioned that about 19,25,17,015 (19.25 crore) houses existed in rural parts of the country. In last four-and-a-half years since the campaign commenced, 10,68,07,678 (10.68 crore) houses had been given water connections. The Center aims to provide water to every village household in the country by 2024. Further, in response to the RTI, the ministry further mentioned that till August 2019, only 16.81 percent of village houses in the country had water connections, but in the last four-and-a-half years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance, this figure climbed to 72.29 percent.

Government of India provides technical and financial assistance to states

Under the campaign, the condition of water connections in houses in rural areas of Jharkhand, Rajasthan and West Bengal was worrisome. Only 47.57 percent of the houses in Jharkhand had water connection, while 45.33 percent in Rajasthan and 40.69 percent in West Bengal have water connection. As per the ministry drinking water was a state subject and the design, approval and implementation of supply schemes rested with the state government.

The government presented big budget in tap water connection

in 2019-20, Rs 9,951 crore was budget allocated for water connections in every household of the country followed by Rs 10,916 crore in 2020-2021, Rs 40,010 crore in 2021-22, Rs 54,744 crore in 2022-23 and Rs 47,293 crore in 2023-24 respectively.

List of states with 100 percent water connections

Further states with cent percent availability of water coonection in every household included Haryana, Telangana, Puducherry, Goa, Andaman and Nicobar, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Gujarat,
Punjab and Himachal Pradesh respectively.

States with more than 75 percent tap connections

Mizoram (98.35 percent)
Arunachal Pradesh (97.83 percent)
Bihar (96.42 percent)
Ladakh (90.12 percent)
Sikkim (88.54 percent)
Uttarakhand (87.79 percent)
Nagaland (82.82 percent)
Maharashtra (82.64 percent)
Tamil Nadu (78.59 percent)
Manipur (77.73 percent)
Jammu and Kashmir (75.64 percent)
Tripura (75.25 percent)
Chhattisgarh (73.35 percent)
Meghalaya (72.81 percent)
Uttar Pradesh (72.69 percent)
Andhra Pradesh (72.37 percent)
Karnataka (71.73 percent)
Odisha (69.20 percent)
Assam (68.25 percent)
Lakshadweep (62.10 percent)
Madhya Pradesh (59.36 percent)
Kerala (51.87 percent)



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