FSSAI issues advisory against Human Milk commercialization


India’s Food Safety regulator, the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI), a statutory authority established under the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, has issued a nationwide directive to halt the licensing and commercialization of human milk, sending a stern message to the illegal promoters and growing market of online sales of human breast milk.

The advisory, issued on May 24, by Inoshi Sharma, Executive Director (CS) of the statutory body prohibits all activities related to the commercialization of human milk and its derivatives, stressing that such practices was completely illegal and should immediately be stopped.

The advisory reads, “FSSAI has not permitted the processing and/or selling of human milk under FSS Act, 2006 and rules/regulations made there under. Therefore, it is advised that all such activities related to the commercialization of human milk and its products should be immediately stopped.”

Stringent Measures

Under FSSAI guidelines, the sale or any form of commercial transaction involving human milk is strictly forbidden, with its sole purpose limited to nourishing newborns or infants in healthcare settings. Violations of this directive would invite punishment as prescribed under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 and its associated regulations.

The advisory further directed that “the State and Central Licensing Authority should ensure that no license/registration is granted to such FBOs involved in the processing or selling of ‘Mother’s Milk/Human Milk’.

Rising Concerns on Human Milk Commercialization

The move comes amidst growing concerns over the emergence of companies profiting from the sale of human milk, often obtained from nursing mothers and marketed as dairy products. Some entities, purportedly licensed by FSSAI, have been found to trade powdered human milk sourced from economically disadvantaged women.

FSSAI’s directive, prompted by appeals from various registered societies, underscores its firm stance against the commercialization of human milk, signaling a crackdown on any related activities.

This proactive measure aligns with efforts to uphold the sanctity of human nutrition and safeguard public health interests.


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