Machiavellian gurus continue masquerading as godmen, every stampede ends in probe

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Turning out to be one of the biggest disasters of all time after 121 people lost their lives in just 24 hours on Wednesday and the count still increasing, the Hathras tragedy in Indian sate of Uttar Pradesh has many questions to be answered by the competent.

Instead of shifting the onus on gullible devotees, such Machiavellian gurus masquerading as godmen wooing ‘faith’ over ‘uncertified miracles’, and running their show just to amass wealth and grab public land, should be dealt sternly under law.

Guru’s ‘Curriculum Vitae’

Resident of Patiyali in Kasganj, Surajpal Singh alias Saakar Hari baba, reports claimed, left his job as a police constable about 17 years ago and started doing satsang. After leaving his job, Suraj Pal changed his name to Saakar Hari. His followers call him Bhole Baba. Reportedly his popularity grew rapidly amidst poor and deprived sections of society. In no time, his followers crossed the lakh figure mark. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, his followers are spread across Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Fake godman arrested in 2000 in Agra

In this case, reports revealed, Narayan Sakar Hari alias Bhole Baba, whose real name is Surajpal Singh, responsible for the deaths of over 120 innocent devotees, was arrested in 2000 in Agra alongwith six others. Reports further revealed, the conman was charged under Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954. Arrested along with six others post claims to resurrect his adopted daughter with magical powers, the fake godman and his followers allegedly created a ruckus at the cremation ground inviting police action. However, they were acquitted by the court due to lack of evidence.

2.5 lakh devotees attended ‘Satsang’ against permission for 80,000

Details of the FIR lodged in the stampede case, against a permitted gathering of 80,000 at the site of the mishap, nearly 2.5 lakh devotees had assembled. The stampede took place as people headed home after the ‘satsang’ in Phulrai village of Hathras district on Tuesday.

UP CM orders judicial probe, visits stampede site in Hathras

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath visited the site of stampede on Wednesday and ordered a judicial probe. Among those killed including women and children, six were from other states including four from Haryana, and one each from Rajasthan and MP.
The UP CM held organizers as well as ‘sewadars’ responsible for the tragic incident. As per the CM the ‘sewadars’ should have controlled crowd movement properly, which they failed to do.

Godman claims anti social elements behind the stampede

Finally after nearly 30 hours, the self-styled godman Narayan Sakar Hari alias Bhole Baba, said to be on the run after the stampede, issued a statement blaming anti-social elements for the stampede. He stated that he had already left the ‘satsang’ area before the mishap occurred.

Deadly stampedes at religious events

Year State Site of Stamped Killed
2005 Maharashtra Mandhardevi temple 340
2008 Rajasthan Chamunda Devi temple, Jodhpur 250
2008 HP Naina Devi temple, Bilaspur 162
2013 MP Ratangarh temple, Datia 115
2011 Kerala Pulmedu, Idukki district 104
2010 UP Ram Janki Temple, Pratapgarh 63
2003 Maharashtra Kumbh Mela, Nasik 39
2023 MP Beleshwar Mahadev temple, Indore 36
2014 Bihar Gandhi Maidan, Patna 32
2015 AP Godavari river, Rajahmundry 27
2012 Bihar Adalat Ghat, Patna 20
2011 Uttarakhand Har-ki-Pauri ghat, Haridwar 20
2022 J&K Mata Vaishno Devi shrine 12


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