UP’s first Senior Citizen Care Center to open in Prayagraj


May 15, 2023: With an aim to provide the much needed affection, respect and care to the elderly, the Uttar Pradesh government is all set to come up with a well equipped Senior Citizen Care Center dedicated to the elderly in Sangam city soon. The first of its kind state backed venture is slated to come up in city under the Smart City Mission. After its success, similar centers would be opened up in other major cities of the state.

Need for Senior Citizen Care Center

Due to fast paced industrialization leading to urbanization, the age-old traditional concept of joint family was gradually getting replaced by nuclear family. The urban working generation is unable to give enough time to elders of the family owing to busy schedule and nature of employment besides economic constraints. In such a situation, the elderly are deprived of requisite attention and care making them feel lonely and destitute. In view of the same, the Yogi Adityanth government, has decided to setup a first of its kind Senior Citizen Care Center to cater to such neglected senior citizens.

The Center is being constructed under the Smart City Mission. According to Chandra Mohan Garg, CEO of Prayagraj Smart City Limited, ‘Ullas’ was being constructed in Prayagraj as a pilot project, which has been named as ‘Ullas’. For the project, tender has also been issued under Smart City Project and its technical bid was to be opened on May 15, 2023.

‘Ullas’ to have all facilities for the elderly

Keeping in view the mental condition of the elderly, all facilities necessary for the aged would be provided at the center. As per Chandra Mohan Garg, CEO of Smart City Mission, “Ullas” will be center of rejuvenation for the elderly where all inmates would get the support and attention of one another.
It will have arrangements for indoor and outdoor games. Large screen televisions would be installed for their entertainment. The center will also have a library of religious books. Outdoor yoga centers would also be set up.

“Ullas” to be separate from old age home

These “Ullas” centers being built to address the mental conditioning of the elderly by doing away with their loneliness would be different from the old age home. At the ‘Ullas’ center, from morning till evening, the elderly would be able to participate in group activities and be entertained with their peers. There will be no residential facility like old age home. These centers will be opened next to parks where senior citizens could keep themselves busy by planting trees and taking care of plants in their spare time. An agency would be entrusted with the responsibility of its maintenance for two years.


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