Sensor based CCMS to operate 78000 street lights in Prayagraj, save Rs 5 crore power annually


April 02, 2023: Finally the street light network of Prayagraj has turned smart. Thanks to the initiative of Yogi Adityanath government which had undertaken several measures as part of the Smart City project in past six years, since 2017 onwards, to make the city turn smart. The achievement was made possible with implementation of the sensor-based Central Control Monitoring System (CCMS) on all routes of the city’s 80 Nagar Nigam wards by Prayagraj Smart City Limited, which helps in saving of electricity to quite an extent.

Central Control Monitoring System set up at a cost of Rs 11 crores

The Yogi government’s power saving policy has not only brought a radical change through hitech street light management of Prayagraj city but has also made Prayagraj become the first city in Uttar Pradesh, where almost all street lights are now being controlled through CCMS.
Municipal Commissioner of Prayagraj Municipal Corporation (PMC), Chandra Mohan Garg informed that the system of Central Control Monitoring System had been implemented at a cost of Rs 11 crores. This smart street lights system is fully automatic which enables street lights to turn on automatically at the set time during sunset, which is automatically switched off with sunrise the next day.

CCMS will save on power and human resources

Earlier, street lights, remaining on, all through the day in different parts of the city used to be a common sight for city residents which not only reduced life of the street light but also incurred excessive financial loss by way of power wastage. However, post introduction of CCMS, a significant cut in electricity consumption would be possible. According to Garg, with CCMS controlling routine operations of around 78000 smart street lights of the city, the Prayagraj Municipal Corporation is expected to save electricity worth more than Rs 5 crore annually . He further informed that another advantage of the CCMS was that if any street light on any road in the city got damaged, this sensor-based CCMS would automatically indicate the exact location of the pole which needed repair beside the reason of non-functioning of the street light. This feature of CCMS would also save on human resources.

CCMS to be operational from ICCC

The Municipal Commissioner said that the control of CCMS was being done through the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) setup by the state government at Parade ground near Sangam. In the first phase, this scheme was implemented on 4 major routes of the city. However, after its success, the same has been implemented on all the routes of the city.
Apart from this, under the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, in some parts of the city, tricolor colored special lights have also been installed on the pillars of these street lights.


• CCMS to operate 78000 street lights in city’s 80 Nagar Nigam wards
• Rs 11 crores spent on setting of the sensor based facility
• It enables street lights to turn on automatically at sunset set and switch off with sunrise.
• Rs 5 crore to be saved by CCMS by saving electricity annually.
• Sensor-based CCMS would indicate exact location of damaged street light for repair.
• This feature of CCMS would also save on human resources.
• CCMS will be operation from Integrated Command and Control Center.


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