BJP clean sweeps Mayoral polls, CM accords victory to good governance, fear-free environment

BJP workers celebrate victory in Municipal Polls in Prayagraj on Saturday

May 13, 2023: In the first round of polling for 17 Municipal Corporations, results of which were declared on Saturday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath made a clean sweep by registering a record cent percent win in Mayoral polls. The party candidates for all the 17 posts of mayor were elected with a thumping margin, leaving the Samajwadi Party (SP), Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) besides independent candidates’ way behind.
Regarding the historic victory of BJP in municipal elections, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that it was the result of good governance, development and fear-free environment for which the voters gave their mandate. He said that for the first time in all the 17 municipal corporations of the state, BJP had been able to register win with absolute majority. Three new municipal corporations were created including Ayodhya, Mathura-Vrindavan and Shahjahanpur wherein a population of five lakh to 50 lakh resides.
He further said the double engine government has taken forward the vision of development ensuring availability of basic facilities and smart cities within the state.
The Chief Minister said that there were 200 municipalities in state, of which, elections had been held in 199. In 2017, the BJP could win 60 municipalities but this time more than double the seats had been bagged by the party. Similar success had been achieved in Nagar Panchayats also, he added.
The UP CM further informed that elections had been held for the post of corporators in 1420 wards in 17 Municipal Corporation wherein, BJP had won more than twice as compared to last time.
Reports revealed, the population of upper caste voters was more than 26 percent. Among them, more than 11 percent were Brahmin voters while over 9 percent were Kshatriya voters. Vaish voters were more than 6 percent while Kayasthas were about 2 percent. The presence of Vaish voters was more in urban seats.

Six masters degree holders, nine graduates, two Mayors are 12th pass

A look at the qualification of newly elected Mayors in 17 Municipal Corporations revealed that barring two newly elected mayors, all were graduates or post graduates.
Of the six Municipal Corporations which received new Mayor with post graduate degrees include
Dr. Manglesh Srivastava (Gorakhpur), Girish Pati Tripathi (Ayodhya ), Kamini Rathore (Firozabad), Vinod Kumar Agarwal (Mathura) Archana Singh (Shahjahanpur) and Ajay Kumar (Saharanpur).
Further, nine newly elected mayors have completed their graduation in different disciplines which include Dr. Umesh Gautam (Bareilly ), Harikant Ahluwalia (Meerut), Sushma Kharkwal (Lucknow ), Ashok Kumar Tiwari (Varanasi), Prashant Singhal (Aligarh) Hemlata Diwakar (Agra), Sunita Dayal (Ghaziabad), Bihari Lal Arya (Jhansi) and Ganesh Kesharwani (Prayagraj) .
The two newly elected mayor who have studied uo to class 12 include Pramila Pandey (Kanpur Nagar) and Vinod Agarwal (Moradabad).

City                   Mayor                         Qualification

Gorakhpur      Dr. Manglesh Srivastava          Masters
Ayodhya         Girish Pati Tripathi                  Masters
Firozabad       Kamini Rathore                      Masters
Mathura         Vinod Kumar Agarwal             Masters
Shahjahanpur Archana Singh                       Masters
Saharanpur     Ajay Kumar                          Masters
Aligarh            Prashant Singhal                  Graduate
Agra               Hemlata Diwakar                  Graduate
Ghaziabad       Sunita Dayal                        Graduate
Jhansi             Bihari Lal Arya                     Graduate
Prayagraj        Ganesh Kesharwani              Graduate
Bareilly           Dr. Umesh Gautam               Graduate
Meerut            Harikant Ahluwalia               Graduate
Lucknow          Sushma Kharkwal                Graduate
Varanasi          Ashok Kumar Tiwari             Graduate
Kanpur Nagar   Pramila Pandey                    Intermediate
Moradabad       Vinod Agarwal                     Intermediate


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