Modi slams Congress ‘Could not touch 100-mark in 10 years’, Congress calls him ‘one-third PM’

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Coming down heavily on Congress Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Friday ‘the total number of seats won by Congress in last three Lok Sabha elections was less than what BJP won this time. Even after 10 years, the Congress could not manage to win 100 seats”.
Addressing the elected NDA MPs after winning elections for the third time, the PM amidst applause from MPs took digs at the Congress as he set the ball rolling for his third stint in parliament.
The Bharatiya Janata Party despite falling short of majority, after its winning trail was halted by the opposition at 240, managed to cross the 303 figure with coalition as solution. Congress in the 2014 got 44 seats while in 2019, it won 52, which made the grand old party’s total tally in three elections limp to 195, a neat 45 less saffron brigade’s 2024 figure of 240.
Lashing out at the INIDA bloc, Modi said that his NDA was committed towards development of the country while the opposition alliance was just hungry for power to fulfill its vested interest and that of the country.
After Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi said, the alliance partners of INDIA Inc have started t part ways for assembly olls which was roof enough of their crore agenda.
“The opposition parties, in spite of humbly accepting defeat, were busy highlighting it as a loss for the NDA and victory for them,” said the PM.
Meanwhile the Congress also reverted back in the same tone calling Modi as ‘one-third Prime Minister’. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh said ‘Narendra, Naidu and Nitish were one-third prime ministers’.
“He may have got requisite numbers, but has lost legitimacy. The 2024 polls were a personal, moral and political defeat for Modi as none of his claims were endorsed by the voters. He spoke of “400-paar” but that did not happen. He spoke of “Modi ki guarantee” but people failed to accept,” quipped
the Congress veteran.
‘How does he explain the significantly reduced victory margin in Varanasi? said Ramesh .


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