Acharya Harikrishna Shukla (Guru Ji) of Prayagraj tops in country in Vikas Bharat Ambassador (NaMo App) Weekly Challenge


Native resident of Gram Panchayat Chhatra Ghurehta under Bara assembly constituency of Prayagraj, Acharya Harikrishna Shukla (Guru Ji) secured first position in the entire country in the weekly challenge of Vikas Bharat Ambassador (from February 19 to 25) on NaMo app to spread the policies of the country’s popular Prime Minister, Narendra Modi ji to the people.

Results of the weekly challenge was declared on Sunday, for which the Prime Minister congratulated Acharya Ji on his Twitter account (X) and for which necessary documents were sought by the Prime Minister’s Office.

Acharya Hari Krishna Shukla (Guru Ji) expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi besides all the officials of Bharatiya Janata Party organization. He said that today people of every section were receiving benefits of all the schemes being run by the popular Prime Minister of the country.

It is the result of the policies of Modi government that the country had become fifth largest economy of the world, and very soon would become the third largest economy of the world and by the year 2047 would become the largest economy of the world, said Guru ji during the conversation.

He further stated that today the enthusiasm and confidence of the people of the country had increased on Modi government, due to which we all would take forward the pace of development in the country by making Modi ji the Prime Minister for the third time in 2024 Lok Sabha elections.



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