75 delegates from 23 countries witness world’s largest elections first-hand


International delegates expressed their happiness on witnessed the polling process first-hand in world’s largest polling exercise, India’s General Election 2024. While some of the delegates appreciated transparency others termed ECI’s initiatives such as Green Polling Stations as inspirational, delegates also appreciated use of technology at such a massive scale in the ongoing elections including during randomization of EVM-VVPATs.

These reactions came after largest ever contingent of international delegates experienced India’s General Elections first-hand in the recently concluded third phase of the elections as part of the International Election Visitors’ Programme (IEVP).

Delegates from 23 countries visit polling stations in six states

Delegates from 23 countries namely Australia, Bangladesh. Bhutan, Cambodia, Chile, Fiji, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Rep, Madagascar, Maldives, Mongolia, Moldova, Namibia, Nepal, New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe visited six states including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Madhya Pradesh in the third phase of polling on the May 7, 2024.
The CEOs of the States organized the visit of the groups to see the poll preparedness, logistics and webcasting arrangements as well as engaging with polling officers and presiding officers on pre-poll day and to witness the mock poll, actual polling and to interact with voters on election day.

2024 LS electorate count surpasses population of all countries, except China

This General Elections 2024 is all set to make not one but two records on Global scene. India’s mammoth voter count is not only the all time high electorate count for any General Elections so far in country’s post independence history but is also more than the population size of any country in the world including super powers like America and Russia, except for just China.

At 96.88 crore voters, it is largest electorate in the world

The 2024 elections for the 18th Lok Sabha will also be witness to the largest electorate in world as 96.88 crores eligible citizens cast their franchise in seven phases of polling between April 19 and June 01, 2024.
Over 6% increase in registered voters was witnessed this time in comparision to 2019 including significant increase seen in registrations amongst women, youth and PwDs. Female voters registration surpassed male voters during SSR 2024 while young electors in age group 18-29 were also added to the voting population.

Top 10 most populous countries (on July 01, 2023)

Country Population (in cr)
India 142.86
China 142.56
United States 33.99
Indonesia 27.75
Pakistan 24.04
Brazil 22.38
Nigeria 21.64
Bangladesh 17.29
Russia 14.44
Mexico 12.84


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