ECI’s C-Vigil app a hit with voters, over 79,000 violations reported, 99 % disposed off


The C-VIGIL app of Election Commission of India (ECI) is proving to be an effective tool in the hands of people to flag election code violations. Since the announcement of General Elections 2024, over 79,000 complaints have been received as of today. Over 99% complaints have been resolved and close to 89% of these complaints were resolved within 100 minutes. Speed and transparency are the cornerstones of the hitech measure to ensure free, fair and inducement-free polls.

Complaints received and resolved

As per official reports, over 58,500 complaints (73% of the total) received were against illegal hoardings and banners while over 1400 complaints received pertained to money, gifts and liquor distribution. Close to 3% of the complaints (2454) pertained to defacement of property. Also of the 535 complaints received for display of firearms and intimidation, 529 had already been resolved. Further, 1000 complaints reported pertained to campaigning beyond the prohibited period including use of speakers beyond permitted time.

Motto of the Hitech Initiative

C-VIGIL app marks a significant leap forward in electoral oversight and reducing campaign clutter. It may be recalled that in the press conference for the announcement of the General Elections 2024, Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar had urged citizens to be vigilant and use the app to report violations of model code of conduct and distribution of any kind of inducements to voters.

User-friendly App

The C-Vigil is user-friendly and easy to operate application, which connects vigilant citizens with the District Control Room, Returning Officer and Flying Squads Teams. By using this app, the citizens can immediately report incidents of political misconduct within minutes and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer. As soon as the complaint is sent on the cVigil app, the complainant will receive a unique ID through which the person could track the complaint on their mobile.

Trinity of factors spells C-VIGIL success

A trinity of factors working simultaneously has made C-VIGIL app, a success. Users capture audios, photos or videos in real-time, and a ‘100-minute’ countdown for time-bound response to complaints is ensured. The app automatically enables a geo-tagging feature as soon as the user switches on their camera in the cVIGIL to report a violation. This helps flying squads know the precise location of a reported violation, and the image captured by citizens could be used as evidence in the court of law. Citizens can also report complaints anonymously.



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