Nearly half the Lok Sabha MPs have criminal cases, , 27 MPs have convicted cases

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Politics was never so dirtier as it is now in the 18th Lok Sabha. At least this is what the affidavits of Member of Parliament (MP) having won elections testify.
Shockingly, the newly elected 18th Lok Sabha has nearly half of its MPs with declared criminal cases lodged against their names.

As per reports of ADR and National Election Watch, the percentage of MPs with declared criminal cases lodged against their names in each of the four Lok Sabha’s from 2009 onwards have registered a steady rise, which in itself bears mute testimony to the disturbing trend.

Rise in count of MPs with Declared Criminal Cases since 2019

Since the 15th Lok Sabha onwards, a shocking 55% rise in the number of MPs with declared criminal cases has been registered as India dreams of becoming a super power.

Comparative analyses revealed, of the 543 MPs in 2009 Lok Sabha elections, 162 (30%) MPs had declared criminal cases against themselves which increased to 185 (34%) MPs having declared criminal cases in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The count of MP’s with declared criminal cases further increased to 233 (43%) during 2019 Lok Sabha elections only to further swell to a shocking 251 (46%) MPs, nearly half the Lok Sabha, having the infamous distinction in the recently elected 18th Lok Sabha.

Winning candidates with Serious Criminal Cases

Similarly, having serious criminal cases with a jail term of five years or more for charges relating to non-bailable offences under Prevention of Corruption Act, assault, murder, kidnap, rape, crime against women, etc is nothing new in politics of today’s era.
Records revealed a shocking increase of 124% in the number of MPs with declared serious criminal cases between 15th Lok Sabha and 18th Lok Sabha.

Of the total 543 MPs in 2009 Lok Sabha elections, 76 (14%) MPs had declared serious criminal cases against themselves which rose to 112 (21%) tainted MPs having declared serious criminal cases in 2014.

Further, 2019 Lok Sabha elections, 159 (29%) elected MPs had declared serious criminal cases against themselves which swelled to a shocking 170 (31%) winning candidates in 2024 Lok Sabha elections having the dubious distinction of declared serious criminal cases related to rape, murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, crimes against women, etc.

Says Human Rights activist and advocate Allahabad High Court KK Roy, “Growing nexus of crime and politics is dangerous for democracy. The Supreme Court has given clear directives for restraining from giving tickets to tainted candidates by political parties, but strangely political parties are more interested in increasing their strength in Parliament instead of saving the democracy.”

According to senior Congress leader and former MLA Anugrah Narayan Singh, “Be it parliament, legislative assembly or a Panchayat level elections, tainted candidates enjoy more chance of winning due to their sound financial status and muscle power. Such a trend is not healthy for a healthy democratic set up.”

Newly elected MPS have declared convicted cases

A shocking 27 newly elected MPs have declared convicted cases against themselves. Congress has the maximum of 13such MPs followed by BJP(6), SP (2), DMK (2) besides the TDP, Shiv Sena and Keral Congress having one such MP. One independent MP is also in the list of tainted faces in 18th Lok Sabha.

Growing numbers of tainted MPs in Lok Sabha

Year MPs with Criminal Cases % MPs with Serious Criminal Cases %
2009 162 30 76 14
2014 185 34 112 21
2019 233 43 159 26
2024 251 46 170 31



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